Mission Statement

To make the best quality films we can while always living up to an ethical standard, second to none.

To entertain and/or enlighten every viewer, while delivering wonderful escapism.

About Us

JDR Films is a wonderful place to work and was founded in January 2016.

JDR Films is established in Sydney N.S.W. which focuses on making films within the Sydney metropolitan area.

We have a branch in Brisbane Queensland which focuses on making films within Brisbane metropolitan area as well as the Gold Coast.

Flame Out Productions is established on the Central Coast of N.S.W. and focuses on making it's Televison content in the Gosford metropolitan area.

We have three rules:

1. To only work with like minded people.  This is people that want to work in the industry, regardless of money, and have a lot of fun making movies.  We have this rule because we believe in the old saying: “One bad apple can ruin a bunch.”

2. We do not offer Second chances to anyone.  It might sound harsh but this rule is rarely put into practice as we only ever work with the best.

3. We don’t hold any grudges with anyone.  Reality is, if someone has let us down and/or been fired, well it’s only happened once (because of rule number 2) so why hold a grudge?!